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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Furs, Leathers, sequins, vintage hats & Throwback Thursday!

My oh My I am the worst blogger ever--It does not seem like over a month since my last post, however I guess time flies with you're busy. I'm super excited for fall, San Francisco just went through it's mini Indian Summer, not sure if it will come back or not but I finally got my tan for the year!!

I've been working on eating healthier--basically low glycemic foods with the help of Usana's nutrimeal shakes  for breakfast--YUMM!

Anyway, to the fun stuff, yesterday I got a few more items that were stored away at Tosca's cabin in the mountains--Some LOVELY jackets a few leather jackets with the fringe and beading--GORGEOUS. A super soft fur vest, and some more amazing hats! I love the hats, I wish I spent more time on my outfits to incorporate these hats into my everyday wear--they are all such conversation pieces!

If anyone knows more about 'coke feathers' please share, I'm super curious I couldn't find very much on them. Most of the hats are from I.magnin and joseph Magnin though, very classy department store that is no longer around--bummer.

I've been doign more research on my jewelry items--have a piece from ART, some Boucher, Monet and one Marium Haskell--so exciting, I had no idea that there were collecter signed brands of fashion jewelry!! A few are missing some rhinestones though so I need to look into that.

Theres tons more that I want to catch up on, but I think that's good for now--except of course Toast to Tosca Throwback Thursday!!

Tosca at her retirement party in 1992 age 70

The dress from above picture availale at my Etsy shop
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That's all for now, Have a great Thursday!!