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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vintage Samsonite, vintage toilettries, Ayds etc..

Hello all--I've been lagging on the updates, but I'm working hard cataloging all the items for my shop! It's going really well, but it's a ton of work. However today i won't delve into that too much--today I'm going to share with you the contents of a woman's Samsonite--not all of them, I gave a lot of the good vintage bottles to my mother-in-law who collects these things, but I still have some interesting contents in this Samsonite.
There she is--a Silhouette Style 1412 by Samsonite. Still in fabulous condition too!!

The top try holds various items including Kleenex, toothpaste, packets of mouth wash, vaseline and bandaids, a comb, scissors and pencil, tweezers---and under a smaller square tray(center back) holds curlers and a ton of bobby pins and clips.

beneath the tray holds so much more( and smells a little of chemicals--I blame the bottles of mystery substance)

This woman loved leaving herself notes so not to forget--on the left bottom corner of the mirror she attached a type written sticker for directions to "attach straight switch" --I don't know what that means, but it's still super interesting.

Travel bottles full of mystery substance--If I had to guess I would say tanning oil and lotion maybe? Anyone want to take a guess-- =)

White Frost's Pocket-Pak spot chief

mending kit
Woolite mild soap

Above is spot remover, woolite and a small portable mending kit--essentials to stay presentable of the go!!

COTY New York Sample fragrence kit X2
Sip'n Rinse gargle mouthwash packets
Every woman needs to smell good--easy carry sample fragrance packets and travel mouthwash packets too. Samsonite also included a bottle of scope, but I don't have it any more.

Vaseline and Band aids for the accidents that happen

two makeup pads labeled brown and white. Both are powered eyeshadow with brushes
Vaseline and band aids because somethings accidents happen. Eye shadows for the necessary touch ups. I have some old vintage lipsticks too--but they were not in the Samsonite. Also--used to include a couple different bottles of nail mending glue, but those were given away.

I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST~~Can anyone guess what these little candies are?? I know they look gross, but after reading about them apparently they were pretty good.
Ayds Diet Suppressant candies--they were taken off the shelf in 1988 due to the name/slogans being associated the the disease. If you look up Ayds you will find a ton of interesting commericals from the 80's, articles as early as the 50's and a ton of people talking about these candies--I can't decide if it's cool or kind of gross have the actual candy. i wish I had the box, but obviously they were taken out and put in their travel case for necessity.

I hope you enjoyed by tour through a vintage Samsonite--Happy Sunday!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Good morning and happy Sunday--hope your days are full of rest and relaxation. I'm slightly more relaxed, almost got my tuition squared away! Last year!!--crazy. Other then that I'm having a pretty lazy Sunday morning. I added a bunch of great jackets to the shop last night though--feel free to check them out!

I think this week I'm going to start photographing the blouses and pants along with the accessories!! Then I'll basically have sweaters left--but I was thinking of saving those until the end of summer so I can sell them throughout fall/winter--really some great angora/cashmere sweaters along with some cute sequins ones.

On another note I'm excited to be getting my USANA nutrimeal in the mail this week hopefully--first step in a better diet & and I was thinking of starting the P90X abs buster--slooowly. It's about halfway through summer already, but I still have time to whip into shape before school starts up again. And I really hope to fit into this one dress I'm keeping from the collection by fall!! Goals, goals, goals!!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leather Dilemna

I spent half this morning stocking my shop. The other half was spent researching leathers, pleathers, vinyls etc. Specifically for this item:  
This jacket I had someone tell me was patent leather, but I'm not sure. It felt more plastic-y to me and the back was lined with a stretchy almost mesh like very thin black fabric. I was confused and did some research. I'm still not 100%, but I think it might be PU leather.

I ruled out genuine leather before the research--no suede backing, not thick enough, doesn't have any scent etc.
I thought it might be vinyl--but it's not shiny enough and has more flexibility--this is where I got stuck.

I looked up pleathers and the type that I felt most described this jacket was PU leather--or poly synthetic leather. A faux leather that has more flexibility to it, is more matte with just a little shine and is thinner.

However I'm not 100% so I felt a little iffy posting it in my shop--I figured though I'd rather wrongly label it as PU leather than patent leather--but I could still use some help. Oh the dilmena...

If you want check out the listing:

Friday, July 13, 2012


This is a test post, nothing more to post for the day. Hope everyone is having a great Friday. TGIF!!

 Some shoes to admire for now =)

Fine Tuning

Hello all!

Today I'm working on fine tuning my shop--from descriptions to policies. This part is actually the least fun for me and the hardest part so I went and researched looking for helpful tips. I actually found a really great article in the Etsy handbook that basically went over some questions buyers think about when looking at your items. I went over the article, highlighted the questions that pertain to my items(vintage fashion) and rewrote the basics of my item info. I included some links that hopefully generate a bit more traffic in my shop and to my newly made blog. I'm working on uploading more items as well--however I need to take measurements of a lot of the items(mostly the shoes) so I can answer most questions for potential buyers. A good question that was asked was--how do you know it's vintage? I've been researching my butt off to look for the most accurate descriptions--and I know the products are vintage because I knew the person that owned them and I have a lot of pictures in specific outfits that are dated. However--it's hard to get this across to the viewers of my shop--Is is too much to put an old picture of the owner in the outfit? Or will that help assure it's authenticity?

When I first got into this project I knew it was going to be a lot of work--but it's more work then I anticipated. STAYING MOTIVATED is key--I still have a couple hundred more items I haven't even cataloged yet and another hundred or so I have cataloged and haven't uploaded to Etsy yet. I'm setting a goal for myself--to have everything cataloged including pictures, measurements and descriptions by early August. That way when I'm back at school as a full time student I can upload items from anywhere and don't have to worry about taking the little free time I have to get the pictures done.

Then there is getting my shop seen! I guess I was getting the most views in my shop( 60+) the few days that I uploaded 8-15 items in one day. However now I'm focusing on getting people on Etsy and outside of Etsy to visit my shop. It's hard to maintain your Online presence though--and find a site your comfortable with (i.e.--this is the 3rd blog site I've tried) !!

A few of the items I have waiting to be uploaded include: fake and real furs, Vintage classic pill box hats, wigs from the 80's!, skirts--mini and pencil and some more outfits and dresses.

For now follow my shop so you stay updated! This woman had such an eclectic fashion taste--there's a little bit of everything!!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

The first steps

Hello and welcome to my blog, created to coincide with my experiences selling on etsy. Recently I was given the opportunity to sell some vintage items online. A family friend past away last December and had a large wardrobe that she kept in great condition. We were able to go through the items and discovered some great pieces and it was suggested that an online sale may be better than donating or selling these items to secondhand stores. This is where I came in--I'm still a college student and I only work a few days a week so I have some free time and could use some extra money here and there. However, I didn't start this with much knowledge on vintage items, selling online or shipping--3 essential things needed to sell vintage online. This blog is going to follow not only my process on selling products, but my learning experience as well. I hope to share what I learn about selling online, vintage items and the process of shipping along with other things I may not even realize I don't know yet, with other online sellers and lovers of vintage items. Meanwhile this blog can also hold the remembrance of a woman I wish I got to know better when she was alive. R.I.P. Tosca Mori 3/22-12/11 --I hope you can find this blog interesting/helpful/enjoyable =)
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

It's hard to choose just one item from the list, but here is a Lilli diamond designer dress in orange that I adore--it comes with a belt and a giant bow that you can attatch/deattatch if you want. And it's in Mint condition!   If you want to check out some more great Vintage finds visit my Etsy--TimelessthreadsSF  and follow my shop, because i try to add a few items every day. It takes me a while to upload my items because I'm still learning about vintage and try to research the style/era/brand etc. to price accurately and describe to the best of my ability. Enjoy! <3--Kelly

Come visit my etsy shop--TimelessThreadsSF