Rebel mouse

Friday, November 23, 2012

Holidays, black friday, cyber monday, small business saturday

Welcome, the holiday season has finally arrived! I'm so excited, I love everything from the lights, scares and coats, to starbucks red cups and peppermint mochas! I'm also excited for a small beak from school so I can focus on my shop =) I registered for my last semester ever at USF which is really exciting, but scary at the same time!!

Anyway, this is just a short post--my shop will be having sales all weekend long from black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday!! How exciting, stay safe and warm and shop from the comfort of your own home while everybody runs wild through the shopping centers!!

For black friday the coupon code is HOLIDAYCHEER for a lovely 35% off all items in the shop!!

Have a very merry holiday season, I will be posting more during this time--lots of new items, sweaters, belts, more dresses etc.

Link to my shop is