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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Promotion and SEO for my Etsy shop

Hello all,

Over the past couple months I've been working hard to find new ways to promote my shop. My sales dropped in January and I was concerned so I spent some time researching what I could do to improve. My findings were made up of two things: JOIN TEAMS and research SEO.

I cannot express how much joining teams on Etsy has helped my overall experience. Not only have my views, favorites and sales gone up--but I also have a group of people I can go to with questions or who will answer my questions before I even get a chance to ask. I joined 4 teams, however I'm only really active in two, sometimes 3-- Vintage Vertigo and Vintage Explosion are the ones I participate in most. I also joined a local group for the Bay Area, but that's a different crowd that I haven't really meshed with yet.

The next thing I came across was a ton of controversy on how to make your items more relevant on Etsy--basically a ton of myths on SEO. I've been using Google Ad Words keywords to edit some of my tags and titles to more common terms. I'm still learning a lot, but most of my views do come from Etsy search so I'm doing okay--when making a listing I do the following things:

1)Find the most common searched words for the given item
2) Choose the most relevant to my item (often times there will be a lot of commonly searched terms that I      don't think match my item)
3)Rephrase the title description of my item in the first few sentences
4) Tags focus on my title words written exactly the same way--I also include in tags: team tags, color, decade, etc
5)Post my item and hope for views

My most searched keywords of all time have been jumpsuit, platforms and bikini--> I think it's important to keep tabs on these things because this is what people want and are actively shopping for.

Obviously I'm still learning, but I'm working hard to get my shop out there online and offline through word of mouth--my new goal is to work on this blog and make it worth following

All Vintage Everything Pop up Show back in December
Have a Great day everyone--until next time!

T.M. Vintage

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