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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pop up show, rebranding, class, throwback thursday, banner and logo

Happy December everyone! The first week of December is always the most hectic for me--being in school and now being part of an online sellers community it was extra crazy this year. I participated in my first pop-up show on 12/4 called "All Vintage Everything". It was fun, I got to meet other local vendors that sell vintage and I got a feel of how they do things and heard about some other great spots to sell my items! All in all a successful night I think.

I am looking to redesign my brand a bit, I worked on a banner and logo last night when I was babysitting, it was a long process because I haven't edited images in a while. I started with an old black and white(also our throw back for this Thursday):

 I actually have that dress from the late 40's--she had it in a teal(the one she's wearing) and a silver. Unfortunately the silver one got rusty from the metal on the sleeves. The teal one is in great condition it just needs to be dry cleaned and right now I'm pressed for time.

Anyways I took that picture of Tosca and wanted to create a silhouette time thing for a logo--this is what I got:

I trued to get it to a point of black and white where there was still enough detail to make out her face. I think this picture is just so classy and that's what I want to show in the redesign of my shop.

To get this look I used  

The finished products were done in Paint, I don't have any fancy Image software on this computer yet. i think they came out pretty good for the minimal tools you have available in Paint. Here they are:

I think it's simpler, cleaner and an overall better look for my shop. I'm working on curating everything and making it look a bit better too. The only downfall is I just ordered business cards, however they were last minute same day cards from Office depot that only cost me $20 so I'm torn whether I should past some of those out and wait a while to do this or just go and do it now. Dilemna...

Anyway, the shop has some great NYE tops and dresses, I had some good holiday dresses too, but they go so fast!! Come by and check it out!!   TimelessThreadsSF, soon to be T.M. Vintage

Pictures from the pop-up shows coming up soon..

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