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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leather Dilemna

I spent half this morning stocking my shop. The other half was spent researching leathers, pleathers, vinyls etc. Specifically for this item:  
This jacket I had someone tell me was patent leather, but I'm not sure. It felt more plastic-y to me and the back was lined with a stretchy almost mesh like very thin black fabric. I was confused and did some research. I'm still not 100%, but I think it might be PU leather.

I ruled out genuine leather before the research--no suede backing, not thick enough, doesn't have any scent etc.
I thought it might be vinyl--but it's not shiny enough and has more flexibility--this is where I got stuck.

I looked up pleathers and the type that I felt most described this jacket was PU leather--or poly synthetic leather. A faux leather that has more flexibility to it, is more matte with just a little shine and is thinner.

However I'm not 100% so I felt a little iffy posting it in my shop--I figured though I'd rather wrongly label it as PU leather than patent leather--but I could still use some help. Oh the dilmena...

If you want check out the listing:

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