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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fine Tuning

Hello all!

Today I'm working on fine tuning my shop--from descriptions to policies. This part is actually the least fun for me and the hardest part so I went and researched looking for helpful tips. I actually found a really great article in the Etsy handbook that basically went over some questions buyers think about when looking at your items. I went over the article, highlighted the questions that pertain to my items(vintage fashion) and rewrote the basics of my item info. I included some links that hopefully generate a bit more traffic in my shop and to my newly made blog. I'm working on uploading more items as well--however I need to take measurements of a lot of the items(mostly the shoes) so I can answer most questions for potential buyers. A good question that was asked was--how do you know it's vintage? I've been researching my butt off to look for the most accurate descriptions--and I know the products are vintage because I knew the person that owned them and I have a lot of pictures in specific outfits that are dated. However--it's hard to get this across to the viewers of my shop--Is is too much to put an old picture of the owner in the outfit? Or will that help assure it's authenticity?

When I first got into this project I knew it was going to be a lot of work--but it's more work then I anticipated. STAYING MOTIVATED is key--I still have a couple hundred more items I haven't even cataloged yet and another hundred or so I have cataloged and haven't uploaded to Etsy yet. I'm setting a goal for myself--to have everything cataloged including pictures, measurements and descriptions by early August. That way when I'm back at school as a full time student I can upload items from anywhere and don't have to worry about taking the little free time I have to get the pictures done.

Then there is getting my shop seen! I guess I was getting the most views in my shop( 60+) the few days that I uploaded 8-15 items in one day. However now I'm focusing on getting people on Etsy and outside of Etsy to visit my shop. It's hard to maintain your Online presence though--and find a site your comfortable with (i.e.--this is the 3rd blog site I've tried) !!

A few of the items I have waiting to be uploaded include: fake and real furs, Vintage classic pill box hats, wigs from the 80's!, skirts--mini and pencil and some more outfits and dresses.

For now follow my shop so you stay updated! This woman had such an eclectic fashion taste--there's a little bit of everything!!


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