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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The first steps

Hello and welcome to my blog, created to coincide with my experiences selling on etsy. Recently I was given the opportunity to sell some vintage items online. A family friend past away last December and had a large wardrobe that she kept in great condition. We were able to go through the items and discovered some great pieces and it was suggested that an online sale may be better than donating or selling these items to secondhand stores. This is where I came in--I'm still a college student and I only work a few days a week so I have some free time and could use some extra money here and there. However, I didn't start this with much knowledge on vintage items, selling online or shipping--3 essential things needed to sell vintage online. This blog is going to follow not only my process on selling products, but my learning experience as well. I hope to share what I learn about selling online, vintage items and the process of shipping along with other things I may not even realize I don't know yet, with other online sellers and lovers of vintage items. Meanwhile this blog can also hold the remembrance of a woman I wish I got to know better when she was alive. R.I.P. Tosca Mori 3/22-12/11 --I hope you can find this blog interesting/helpful/enjoyable =)
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It's hard to choose just one item from the list, but here is a Lilli diamond designer dress in orange that I adore--it comes with a belt and a giant bow that you can attatch/deattatch if you want. And it's in Mint condition!   If you want to check out some more great Vintage finds visit my Etsy--TimelessthreadsSF  and follow my shop, because i try to add a few items every day. It takes me a while to upload my items because I'm still learning about vintage and try to research the style/era/brand etc. to price accurately and describe to the best of my ability. Enjoy! <3--Kelly

Come visit my etsy shop--TimelessThreadsSF

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